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Nottingham’s extensive tram system spans across the city and it’s surrounding areas. Reaching West past Beeston, South through Clifton and North as far as Hucknall. In between these outlying locations, it winds it’s way through the city with convenient stops for local attractions.

The bus service in Nottingham is even more extensive than the trams. The service boasts 19 different lines, with individual routes covering practically everywhere that you can think of. There are plenty of deals to be found on prices, but an All Day Ticket, Nottingham Contactless across NCT, NET and Linkbuses, costs just £6.40.

The city is serviced by a multitude of Taxi companies, all ready to compete for your fare. Our base taxis can be identified by their Forest Green colouring, often parked in main areas such as the train station. Other options include DG Cars, Trent Cars and we even have Uber now too.

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Local Attractions

Galleries of Justice and the Caves

Galleries of Justice – Spooky tours, attractions and exhibitions. Well worth stopping by.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Ye Olde trip to Jerusalem draws crowds as the oldest inn in England, bringing patrons through it’s doors since 1189AD

Nottingham Castle
Nottingham Castle has been won, lost and fought over since 1067. Today, the Castle and grounds host galleries, exhibitions and events throughout the year. The newly built Visitors Centre and café encourage visitors to linger.

Looking for a touch of art and culture in the city? Nottingham Contemporary has got you covered.